Sharp WriteView Scientific Calculator EL-W506T

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The Sharp EL-W506T has 640 advanced scientific functions and utilizes WriteView Technology. A standard scientific calculator cannot display fractions and symbols as the way they appear in a proper mathematical formula. A WriteView calculator, however, can display fractions and symbols just as they appear in a textbook.


  • 640 Functions
  • WriteView – type in your equations as they look in the textbook
  • Table Mode displays the changes in values of a function 
  • Drill Mode is unique to Sharp calculators and allows a person to practice mental maths by giving basic maths questions and the user must type the answer into the calculator.
  • Statistics distributions
  • Up To 4x4 Matrix
  • Home Button
  • Vector function
  • Twin power source (Solar cell & LR44 x 1)


  • Display: 4-line (96 x 32 dot matrix display
  • Scientific calculations
  • (%) 1/100 calculation
  • Fraction calculation
  • N-Base calculations (BIN/PEN/OCT/DEC/HEX)
  • Logical operation
  • Integer (i-part/f-part)
  • Quotient and remainder
  • Greatest common divisor (GCD)
  • Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  • Prime factorization
  • 1/2-Variable statistics
  • Data Table in the STAT mode
  • Distribution Functions: Normal, Inverse, Binomial, Poisson
  • Complex number calculation
  • Differential/Integral Functions
  • Simultaneous linear equations with two(2-VLE) or three unknowns(3-VLE)
  • Quadratic and cubic equation solvers
  • Minimum/Maximum of quadratic function
  • Solver function
  • Vector calculations
  • Summation
  • Matrix calculations
  •  Row echelon form
  • Name display function
  • Home key (Back to NORMAL mode)
  • Definable memories (D1-D3)
  • Multi-line playback
  • Substitute algebra
  • Setting answer display
  • Recurring decimal
  • Table mode
  • Conversion to Engineering notation
  • List display of variable memories (A/B/C/D/E/F/X/Y/M)
  • Math drill
  • Multiplication table


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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