Sharp Scientific & Statistics Calculator EL-531

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Product Overview


Direct Algebraic Logic

  • For most scientific calculators, keying in an equation is a complicated process. But with D.A.L., a feature unique to Sharp scientific calculators, symbols and numbers can be keyed in as written.

2-Line Display

  • Two-line display allows the users to check both the equation and answer at the same time. And since the equation remains displayed, it is easy to edit or make substitutions if necessary.

Substitution Calculation

  • Simply replace values in an algebraic formula with the convenient Value.
  • Recommended High School Model
  • Large, high resolution, 2 line LCD screen with upper 12 digit (5x7 - dot matrix)/lower 10 digit (mantissa) + 2 (exponent) digit
  • Up to 272 scientific and statistical functions
  • Battery operated (AA x 1)
  • Advanced Direct Algebraic Logic (D.A.L.) for easy equation and answer checking
  • Functions include multi-line playback. Constant, fraction, chain and n-Base calculations
  • New sculptured, colourful design
  • Easy slide-on hard cover to protect calculator from damage



  • Display 12 Digit, 2 Line Display
  • Scientific & Stats functions, 272
  • Memories 9
  • Multi-line Playback Yes
  • Constant / Chain calculation Yes / Yes
  • Fraction Key Yes
  • Hard Cover Yes, slide-on
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) 79.6 x 154.5 x 18.2mm
  • Power Source 1 x AA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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