Sharp Business & Financial Calculator EL-738F

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Product Overview

The EL-738F computes all time-value-of-money calculations. In addition, it is able to perform interest rate conversions, amortization calculations, and discounted cash flow calculations. This financial calculator is ideal for business students and professionals.

The EL-738F is a fully featured non-programmable financial calculator with a 2 line dot matrix LCD display, which provides comprehensive business solutions, advanced financial functions, extensive statistical and scientific functions, as well as Day/Date calculations.


  • Large 2 line LCD display, with 3-digit punctuation.
  • Advanced finance and business functions including Compound Interest, Amortisation, Cash Flow Analysis, Depreciation and Break Even.
  • 1-variable & 2-variable Statistics calculations.
  • Handy Scientific functions.
  • 12 memories.
  • Easy to use Cost/Sell/Margin function.
  • Multi-line Playback.
  • Day/date function for calculating days between dates, as well as new dates.
  • Bond calculation.
  • Commonly used in professional applications and courses through TAFE, University and Business Schools
  • Includes protective slide cover

Other features:

  • Bond calculation
  • Depreciation calculations
  • Conversion between APR and EFF
  • Day and date calculations
  • Percent change / Compound interest calculations
  • Cost / Sell / Margin / Markup calculations
  • Breakeven calculations
  • Scientific calculations
  • 2-variable statistics with regression (LINE, QUAD, EXP. LOG, PWR, INV) 


  • Display:  2 line LCD
  • Memory:  12
  • Finance functions:  Yes
  • Statistics mode:  Yes, 1 & 2 variable
  • Business functions:  Yes
  • Scientific functions:  Yes
  • Cover Hard slide cover
  • Dimensions (w x d x h) 83 x 150 x 11 mm
  • Power Source Battery CR2032


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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