Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-7200

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Product Overview

Smart Notetaking

Low Noise & Clear Sound

Small enough to fit into any pocket and light enough to carry with you wherever you go, the reliable and easy-to-use Olympus VN-7200 digital voice recorder is an ideal personal companion. The VN-7200 features an elegant compact, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and discretely in a pocket, and delivers enhanced sound quality over amazingly long recording times up to 1100 hours. The easy-to-reach buttons allow the user to play, stop, fast-forward and rewind with a simple touch. The record & erase buttons are positioned individually for easy access and to eliminate confusion when handling. 

Recordings can be made in a choice of three quality modes (HQ, SP and LP), allowing users to choose their personally preferred balance of recording quality & capacity. The large, clear LCD display enables fast, trouble-free navigation through recordings & access to the various functions. The VN-7200 makes a fashion statement with a sleek black body with a black face.

2 GB of Built-in Flash Memory

Choose between three recording modes and enjoy up to 1100 hours of continuous recording time in LP mode. Capture those great, creative ideas at meetings and lectures.

Three Recording Modes Including High Quality (HQ) Recording Mode
Want to make sure that every word is crystal clear on your voice recording? The Olympus VN-7200 voice recorder features an enhanced sound quality in High Quality (HQ) and SP recording modes. Designed with three recording modes that enable recording times of various lengths, users can capture superior sound through the HQ mode or use the LP and SP modes for extended recording.

Noise Cancel Playback

Background noise of the recording is powerfully reduced during playback mode.

Up To 16 Index Marks Per File

Place index marks during recording or playback to rapidly locate important passages in the file. The VN-7200 can hold up to 16 Index Marks per file.

Long Battery Life With Two AAA Batteries

The low power consumption circuits , achieves long battery life up to 86 hours

Four File Folders With Up To 200 Files Each
Get Organized. For work, home and school. Four folders organize your recordings under separate topics and hold 200 files each

Slow and Fast Playback
Users of the Olympus VN-7200 digital recorder will appreciate the control provided by the different playback settings. After capture, the slow playback option allows recordings to be listened to efficiently with playback that is 25 percent slower than real time, and fast playback is 50 percent faster than real time. With slow playback users will be less likely to be required to rewind to hear what was said, and with fast playback they can skip ahead to the essential sections -- a real benefit for transcribing dictation

Timer Recording
A Timer Recording mode is available for instances when recordings need to begin at specific times. It works by setting a beginning time to start recording and an end time to stop recording. This feature is valuable for those who do not want to call attention to the fact that they're making a recording by pushing the record button, or when timing is essential to capture the recording

Alarm Playback
Alarm playback can also be programmed for meetings, dates, show reminders or wake-up calls. The user simply dictates a reminders into the VN-7200, such as "Time to depose the witness!" or "Time to hit the links!" and assigns a time for this message to go off like an alarm clock alarm

Large LCD Screen

The 1.4-inch backlit LCD screen is easy to read & clearly displays file information, recording time & events

Stylish Design
A user-friendly thumb pad provides simplistic control to play or stop a recording, adjust volume level, fast-forward and rewind. Erase and File List buttons are positioned above and below the thumb pad for easy access. The speaker is located at the bottom of the faceplate for clear playback listening. Turning the Olympus VN-7200 recorder on and off is easily accomplished with a convenient power switch located on the left side of the device. Located at the top are outlets for an external earphone and mic inputs. The internal mic is located in the middle of the outputs, perfectly positioned to capture sound at anything it is pointed toward

Goes with you everywhere. Fits comfortably in your pocket. Looks and feels great in the palm of your hand


  • Recording Format: Multi-codec - HQ/SP: SubBand, LP: CELP
  • Built-in 2 GB Flash Memory
  • Recording Times (Approximate): HQ Mode: 7 hours, SP Mode: 194 hours, LP Mode: 1100 hours
  • Folders / Messages: 4 / 200 per folder
  • Microphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Earphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA alkaline (included) / 2 x AAA Ni-MH (optional)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 86 hours
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 104 x 37 x 19.1 mm ex. protrusions
  • Weight: 66 g

Supplied Accessories:

  • Free Case Included
  • 2 x AAA Batteries


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