Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-541PC

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Product Overview

Lecture | Voice Memo | Notes

Entry class model for memo recording designed to make setting and recording easy
The easy and simple recorder VN-541PC by Olympus is intended for beginners who are about to start using a digital voice recorder for the first time. This inherits the ease of use of the previous VN series, achieved through the pursuit of simple functions, operations, and screen display, and incorporates one-touch direct recording to enable recording to be started at any time with one button and a micro USB connector to enable a connection with a PC.

Main Features

 “Recording Scene Select” – there is no need for detailed settings
Recording settings will be completed just by selecting one of the four scenes ideal for your recording environment. No need for users to set detail recording setting as recorder will automatically choose the most suitable setting. Switch of recording scene can be done simply by pressing a button. Options are Memo, Talk, Music and LP(Long Play)

VN-541PC Scene Select

Olympus VN-541PC Scene Select


“One-touch Recording” to ensure you will not miss a recording opportunity
Recording will start just by sliding the recording switch upwards even when recorder is powered off. Recording starts just in the moment the user aims to do so as it is not necessary to press many buttons before recording starts. In addition, recording status on / off can be easily judged through the position of recording switch.

olympus VN-541PC One-Touch Recording

“Noise Cancellation” for clear playback quality
The noise-cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise enabling clear playback quality. The function is very effective when playing back meeting recordings. It can be set by long press of the Noise Cancel button while the recorder is stopped or playing a file.

Olympus VN-541PC Noise Cancellation

“Recording Scene Folder function” + “PC Link” assists you with your file searches
Time for file searching can be saved if users remember which recording scene was selected during recording since each recorded file is automatically sorted into one of the four recording scene folders. By connecting the recorder to PC through the bundled micro USB cable, users can also search and find files easily by checking recording scene folders through the PC screen.


Ultimate ease of handling allowing simple, one-handed operation

Operation has been greatly improved, with large, highly visible buttons that can be thumb-operated, and a front speaker for easy listening. The unit has been designed to fit the forefinger, which makes it easy to carry

Basic features covered !

  • Change the playback speed without changing the pitch “Fast / Slow playback”
  • Up to 99 index marks
  • Long battery life you can rely on when out and about. (approx. 60 hours when recording)

Micro USB cable
The Olympus VN-541PC recorder is bundled with a convenient micro USB cable. This durable micro USB cable offers an easy solution for viewing files and folders on a computer or larger display and is also great for transferring data to any USB port.


  • Built-in microphone: Monaural
  • Recording format: WMA
  • Internal memory: 4GB
  • PC connectivity: micro USB cable
  • Battery required: AAA alkaline battery x 2
  • Max. recording time: Approx. 1570 hours (LP mode)
  • Max. battery life: (Recording)Approx. 60 hours
  • Noise cancel: Yes
  • Playback speed: x0.5 - x2.0
  • Weight: (including battery)67g
  • Windows & Mac Compatible

What's In The Box:

  • AAA Alkaline battery × 2
  • USB cable (microB)

Product Videos


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