Joby GripTight POV Kit With Remote

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Product Overview

Smartphone. Smart Grip. With Bluetooth Remote Control

Take better photos and video with this versatile smartphone stabilizer. The new Joby GripTight POV Kit delivers a camera-like grip for outstanding photos and alternate grips for creative angles and ultra smooth video. This modular and light weight grip also features the integrated Impulse Bluetooth™ trigger.

Features & Benefits

Lock it Down

  • Handheld, stable and locking grip built or smartphones with or without a case. Ergonomic handgrip pivots 180 degrees for optimal capture angles

Selfies Done Right

Joby Impulse Bluetooth Remote

  • The Joby GripTight POV kit comes with an removable Bluetooth trigger that enables the user to capture photos and video from afar. Simply set up your GripTight POV and get the shot of your dreams. Forget holding your smartphone directly in front of you!

No App Required

  • Single button works seamlessly with Apple and Android smartphones

Always bring it with you

  • Includes lanyard for convenient carrying options

Attach to any GripTight

  • Compact design includes adapter to attach direct to a GripTight mount.

Dynamic Multi-Purpose Grip

Grip, Flip & Fire Away
Modular handgrip provides 4 primary positions (Camera Grip, Post Grip, Stand alone and Action mount)

Video Grip

Video Grip POV Kit

The adjustable grip allows you to hold you GripTight POV like a proper video camera so you can film smooth, high quality videos with complete ease.

Photo Grip

Photo Grip POV Kit

Hold your smartphone like a traditional digital camera and transform it into a steady camera, unleashing its full potential.

Standing Position

Standing Position POV-Kit

The grip can be adjusted easily to suit your needs and is designed for ambidexterity to suit left-handed users. Use it as a stand to view your smartphone screen hands-free.

Ultimate Mobile Photography

Joby POV Kit Ultimate Mobile Photography

GoPro Who?
Universal pin joint connection attaches to a variety of Action Video (GoPro) accessories turning your phone into an Action Cam.

Take your smartphone photography to the next level! Thanks to the universal pin joint connection, you can attach the Griptight POV to a variety of Action Video (GoPro) accessories turning your phone into an Action Cam.

Precision Engineering

Joby POV Kit Precision Engineering

To protect your smartphone, the GripTight POV comes prepared. TPE grip pads clasp around your smartphone to create a reliable locked fit so you can rest easy knowing your smartphone is ready for action. A highly durable ABS plastic construction coats a stainless steel body so your smartphone stays safe and the GripTight POV itself remains as sturdy as ever.


  • Designed for any smartphone, with or without a case, (56mm – 91mm)
  • Phone not included


  • Universal pin joint connection
  • Cold shoe adapter allows you to attach accessories such as mic or LED light to top or bottom of grip
  • Top & Bottom Docking System


  • Durable ABS plastic, TPE grip pads, stainless steel
  • Product Weight: 60g 
  • Product Dimensions: (WxDxH) 40 x 60 x 90 mm

What's In The Box:

  • GripTight POV
  • Impulse Bluetooth remote control


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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