Casio Financial Consultant Calculator FC-100V

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Product Overview

The new financial consultant solves the riddles of financial calculations with it's powerful and exclusive built-in functions

Powerful, Financial Consultant features take much of the work out of financial calculations!

Features overview

Direct mode key and new operation
By pressing these built-in Direct Mode Key, you can swiftly enter into exclusive modes when executing each finacial calculation. FC-100V incorporates a full-dot 4-line display allowing easy input, confirmation, change and correction of each parameter. FC-100V also offers the very convenient 3-digit, comma-markers display function.

Shortcut key
Parameter values or settings once used in calculation can be memorized and the stored data can be recalled for use in similar calculations. A very efficient function for repeat calculations.

Functions & general information

General specifications:

4-line-display: Dot Matrix 31 * 96 mantissa+ exponent 10 + 2 digits

  • Plastic keys
  • Energy supply: AAA-size battery
  • New slide-on hardcase


  • Input Format: V.P.A.M
  • Function calculations

- Trigonometric / Invers Trigonometric calculations
- Hyperbolic / Invers Hyperbolic calculations
- log, ln - (logarithmic) calculations
- (exponential) calculations
(Power / Power Root) calculations
- š(root) calculations
- (invers) calculations
-(factorial operator) calculations 
- nPr (Permutation), nCr (Combinatoric)
- Random Number

  • Replay

- History

  • Memory

- Ans
- STO, RCL (A-D, X,Y, M (7))

  • Percentage calculations
  • Display Setting of Number

- Fix
- Sci
- Norm
- 3-digit separator symbol

  • Angle Setting

- Deg, Rad, Gra

  • Stat Editor table
  • Calculation Items
  • Regression

- Linear regression
- Logarithmic regression
- e exponential regression - Power regression
- Inverse regression
- Quadratic regression

Financial Calculations

  • Simple Interest
  • Compound InterestsTVMn
  • P/Y, C/Y
  • Cash Flow (Investment Appraisal)
  • Amortization
  • Conversion
  • Cost, Shell, Margin
  • Day calculations


(No reviews yet) Write a Review